Day of Admission:
For Your Operation or Procedure.

Please use the information below to help prepare for your surgical admission at Canossa Private Hospital.

Getting Ready

Please note, you will be at Canossa Private Hospital for at least three to four hours plus the time of your surgery.

  • Please ensure fasting instructions are followed prior to your admission.
  • Shower or bath at home – please do not use any deodorant, perfume, powder or creams.
  • Please do not wear jewellery or nail polish or bring any valuables with you. The hospital does not take any responsibility for the loss of any items during your stay.
  • Unless otherwise instructed by your doctor, please take all routine morning medications with a small mouthful of water.
  • If you have diabetes or are taking blood thinning medication, you will need to discuss the management of your medications with your surgeon and anaesthetist.

Day procedures are minor procedures that are performed under general anaesthetic, sedation and/or local anaesthetic. These are short and do not require an overnight stay.

Please ensure you have arranged for a responsible adult to collect you afterwards who can stay with you overnight.

On Arrival at Canossa Operating Theatres

Arrival at the designated time is important so that your admission can be processed quickly.

Please use entry 2 on Seventeen Miles Rocks Road. If you are being dropped off by a relative or friend, they can park for free in the carpark out the front of the building. Please proceed up the stairs to reception. You will be required to:

  1. Review the admission information provided to the hospital
  2. Pay all of your out-of-pocket expenses
  3. Sign the following information:
    • Health Fund Claim
    • Informed Financial Consent
    • Consent for the collection and use of personal information

Once the administration staff have completed your hospital admission they will escort you to the operating theatre patient waiting areas.