Surgical Services

We have expanded our offering to incorporate surgical and endoscopic procedures in our re-furbished operating theatres. Our friendly and highly experienced Registered Nurses provide quality care to patients during their peri-operative and recovery phases of the day surgery procedure.

Canossa Private Hospital has contracts with all health funds for fully insured patients. Uninsured patients will benefit from our very competitive rates.

Specialist Services

Our team of highly qualified surgeons and specialists can assist with:

  • Gastroenterology
  • General Surgery
  • Hand Surgery
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery

Operating Theatres

Our two modern operating theatres enjoy natural light, benefiting the experience of both the patient and the specialist. We are pleased to offer expanded services and capability with the installation of the state-of-the-art Fuji 7000 series endoscopy stack.

Fuji 7000 Series Endoscopy Stack

Dr Gautam Ramnath, long-serving Gastroenterologist at Canossa Private Hospital said it is wonderful to see the hospital’s capability and services surge forward.

“The theatre facilities, staff and experience here is just lovely. There is a warmth and precision to what we deliver that I am extremely proud of.

These new endoscopy stacks are used to perform examinations of the upper and lower intestinal tract. A common examination carried out to investigate patient symptoms, rule out ulcers, identify inflammatory bowel disease and coeliac disease, but most importantly, prevent cancer by the detection of precursor lesions called polyps which are then resected.

This new stack gives us a dramatic increase in the ability to identify abnormal tissue to the point of being able to see abnormal spiral blood vessels just big enough to allow the passage of a few blood cells at a time – these act as markers of advanced progress to  malignancy often just under the surface.

We are able to define colon polyps with a clarity that allows easier identification of dysplastic highly abnormal tissue from more bland polyps. This leads to changes in how we approach and treat these polyps. This is a degree of acuity that has been pulled out of textbooks from leading academic centres to everyday practice in an an efficient device.

The four LED light system allows narrow band assessment- filtering the light used to allow greater definition of blood vessels, surface characteristics  as well as elimination of ‘red’ signals improving definition of surface abnormality. This feeds into an AI Computer Aided Detection system, a second set of eyes as it were, highlighting potential  colon polyps, as well as characterising them, on the attached high resolution screen. The 170 degree field of view and flexibility of these scopes are superior to other systems

This stack then  generates procedure reports in a slick, touch screen enabled system which captures all relevant information with labelled high resolution images. The reports are then transmitted to the patient and referring doctors electronically. This is an enormous improvement in our carbon, consumables and energy footprint. The intelligence of the stack to reduce its high energy light system output when not idle between cases significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our theatre.” – Dr Ramnath

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