Paying for Your Stay

Informed Financial Consent

It is very important that you approach your admission to hospital well informed of the financial responsibilities. Please read the following information and contact us if you have any concerns or queries.

Hospital Fees for Surgical Patients

All patients booked for a procedure at Canossa Private Hospital will be provided with a theatre fee estimate prior to the day of surgery.

Self-funded theatre estimates will outline the anticipated theatre fees, based on the procedure and anticipated theatre time indicated by the surgeon. Post operative billing may be applicable.

Privately insured estimates will outline any health fund excess or co-payment required according to your Health Fund policy.

All patients booked for a procedure at Canossa are required to pay their theatre fees / excess / co-payments prior to the procedure commencing.

The Theatre Fee Estimate does not include the Surgeon or the Anaesthetist’s fees.

Hospital Fees for Private Inpatients

Hospital accounts are payable in full at the time of discharge. Charges can include accommodation, prosthetics and essential pharmacy items relevant to the reason for your admission.

When health insurance does not fully cover hospital fees, the balance is payable on admission (fortnightly in some cases), and on discharge.

You will be provided with information about the cost of care and will be required to consent to pay for services not covered by your fund.

If your health insurance cover has an excess applied to hospital services this fee will be charged on admission.

If you elect to self-fund you must pay at least one week in advance for hospital services. Any payment in excess will be reimbursed on discharge.

Your doctor/s, radiology and pathology services will bill you individually for their services, if you wish.

To order medical aids for discharge, your therapist will can arrange this and you will be billed for these items.

Privately Insured Patients

We recommended confirming the following with your health fund prior to admission:

  • Does my health fund cover me for my procedure or medical admission?
  • Do I have an “excess” payment on my insurance policy?
  • Are there any co-payments?
  • Are any prosthetic or disposable items used in the surgery not covered by my insurance?

Hospital Fees for Other Patients

DVA Patients

Gold card holders are covered for all care. White card holders are required to check with DVA to determine if they are covered for the specific admission.

Public Patients

Public patients will not be required to pay any care related fees.

Work Cover & Third Party Patients

Total payment must be made on admission unless approval for admission has been confirmed by your insurance company.

Uninsured Patients

Total payment must be made on admission. Please contact the hospital prior to admission for an estimate of fees and charges. As this is an estimate only, in the event of unforeseen complications or variations from the proposed treatment, the cost may vary.

Please note, a change in admission status may result in additional fees. Costs that may be incurred and not be covered by your health fund:

  • Pharmacy
  • Pathology
  • X-ray
  • Medical fees – surgeon, anaesthetist, assisting surgeon, other consultants
  • Non-local phone calls
  • Other incidentals and equipment (agreed to prior to purchase such as walking frames etc.)
  • Cafe